Hebei international furniture co., LTD., founded in January 2007, has more than 400 employees, covers an area of 149700 square meters, now part of the workshop and warehouse is under construction, in 2015 is expected to have 4 workshop. All levels of leadership and professional management personnel, has a strong management team, the foreign trade team, sales team, production team, purchase of double end cutting saw, hanging conveyor, bridge type oven, vertebral canal machine, pipe bender, confining bending machine and other equipment 696 sets, with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan, the average yearly output of 180000 pieces of high-grade products, annual output value of 400 million yuan.
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Hebei shengfang Youbang furniture co., LTD.
Address:Bazhou shengfang town Xingzhang development zone
Foreign trade Tel:0316-7173809
Sale in tel:0316-7636158