Hebei Youbang furniture co., LTD

    Hebei international furniture co., LTD., founded in January 2007, has more than 400 employees, covers an area of 149700 square meters, now part of the workshop and warehouse is under construction, in 2015 is expected to have 4 workshop. All levels of leadership and professional management personnel, has a strong management team, the foreign trade team, sales team, production team, purchase of double end cutting saw, hanging conveyor, bridge type oven, vertebral canal machine, pipe bender, confining bending machine and other equipment 696 sets, with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan, the average yearly output of 180000 pieces of high-grade products, annual output value of 400 million yuan.
     Aia LTD is a classic furniture, leisure chair table, tea table, edge ark, bookcase, wine, and a series of furniture supplies, and research and development, production, marketing integrated furniture company serves the masses of consumers. Over the years, the company in line with the aim of serving consumers, through strives for perfection the management idea, become bazhou shengfang the leading brand in the furniture industry, in the country, all over the world enjoy strong brand advantage and good reputation, quality is favored by the majority people's trust! As the pioneer in the industry, relying on the powerful advantages of the unique industrial chain, the company has passed ISO9001 international quality management, has won the honorary title of top ten trustworthy enterprise of several times.
     In perfecting the production progress at the same time, increasing marketing scope, now the domestic marketing area has covered Beijing, tianjin, hebei, northeast three provinces, Inner Mongolia, shandong, jiangxi, yunnan and other large and medium-sized cities and surrounding areas. Domestic sales performance of crazy rise at the same time, our products are favored by foreign enterprises, my company for trade export products are exported to Germany, France, Britain, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Middle East and so on more than 50 countries and regions and established long-term cooperation relations, even have clients have traveled long distances to factory inspection, the more we brought infinite inspiration!
     In terms of eat chair, we have our own ironwork workshop and workshop, the software from the pp samples confirmation, mount of blanking, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, and then to software selection of leather, cutting, sewing, nail plate, so that the finished product packaging, and warehousing are directly under the personnel responsible for each department.
     My company has a dozen people quality inspection team, in the process of the whole production process, have a special quality inspection personnel, following the tracks of rigorous in each link errors and flaws, strengthened the production, the supervision of late, and the end of the inspection of finished products in strict accordance with the guest to sign the pp samples is for, to ensure the goods completely according to the guest standards inspection. Since then, we will know the sales situation of the clients through various channels and the opinions and Suggestions of products, so that we can learn more experience to improve and develop new products!
     Aia since 2008, the ministry of foreign trade since its establishment, has been a steady rise in export production, annual output value has reached $30 million in 2014. Aia is in line with strives for perfection the management idea of the international market into the world, let more people know, aia, aia, with solid strength, is the credibility of nations look forward to cooperation with you, welcome you the arrival! All surprise in aia!!!