The shape of the sitting room tea table and scale

Tea table furniture design by displaying the aesthetic trend, its practical function demand has been relegated to second place, equipping flexible, design unique, refined style, such as the selection and use of tea table suggests the new direction and new show

Tea table generally square, rectangular, two points, the armrest of height and armchair. Usually two chairs a tea son, in between them is to put the cup dish tea set, therefore tea table. For complete set of use between on the chair, so its form, decoration, several surface inlay and the material and color as the style of the chair. Tea table is became popular after the qing dynasty's furniture. Seen from the Ming dynasty painting, the sweet a few both the function of tea table, in the qing dynasty, separated from the fragrant tea table a few, evolved into a separate species. Generally speaking, a small tea table, and some also make two layers, with a few easy to difference. Tea table is less decoration alone, in the qing dynasty often placed between a pair of armchairs, complete sets of display in the hall on both sides.

Depends on the size of the scale of the tea table, little space amplification of tea table, can appear a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role; Large space put small tea table, tea table can appear insignificant. In smaller Spaces, suit to put the tea table of contracted modelling, the activities of castor or convenient mobile tea table, then do not take up too much floor area, 2 will also convenient space function to reschedule. And streamline and contracted type tea table can let a space appear relaxed and not cramped feeling. If the home of the space is larger, can consider with calm, deep dark wooden table. Also consider besides collocation advocate the old tea table of sofa, single chair in the hall room, choose the Angle of the chic modelling

The above is the relevant information of tea table, the hope can help you choose the fashion, contracted, atmosphere and practical sitting room tea table.