Tea table is how to properly use and maintain

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We decorate your living room in the general case, not only need the decoration of sofa, and is still need the auxiliary of tea table is a very good adornment environment, has certain damage if the tea table that must need maintenance, maintenance necessary - tea table below small make up to tell you about daily cleaning and maintenance methods.

A, tea table, cleaning and maintenance methods

Often do 1, clean the dust

Had better choose cotton knitwear as rags, soft wool brush to remove sag or relief grain of dust. Through the paint processing of tea table, avoid is used a solvent such as alcohol, gasoline wipe stain, colorless furniture polish, available with thin, with a dry cotton cloth, in order to reduce dust fall, and increase luster.

2, stain removal method

Pure white paint tea table, long faintly yellow, can dip in with pure white yarn knitted cotton sand cloth with a little toothpaste wipe gently, and then with a damp cloth to remove toothpaste remnants, reoccupy does cloth to dry, yellowing phenomenon can be improved. Tea table of painting, often due to direct put on glass, hot soup bowl, white and gray iron on the mark, affect the appearance, usable cloth dips in a few strong tea water or toilet water, and a little alcohol, wipe gently, can remove, then dry with a cloth.

3, tea table damage "surgery"

Tea table surface with minor bruises, had no intention of accidental falls off paint film, color pen, according to the furniture and tonal repair, slightly and slightly coated with a thin layer colorless transparent nail polish. Also can use the original use of paint repair of tea table. Furniture not seasonable erase after drop of water, left water after dry, can use a piece of wet cloth cover on the water a bit thick, press gently with iron after heating, the trace of water that can be eliminated.

Second, the matters needing attention to the tea table

1, if the ground not level off, the tea table of avoid by all means, not with wood, iron legs. Even cushion flat, because of the stress on the uneven, time will also affect the internal structure of tea table. Solution is touches the ground, or use of large-area hard plastic board to achieve the objective of the tea table legs flat.

2, tea table, should avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp. Indoor humidity, should protect within normal, using a humidifier, only in low humidity of the dry season, but should be spray after tea table, moisture can make the wood rot, metal parts on the rust, bonding department does easily glue, original chrome plated have to take off the membrane, etc.

3, the sitting room tea table, put the position, it is better to avoid direct sunlight outside the window, tea table withstand sun for a long time, can make the white paint yellow, faded color paint, metal accessories, flush the oxidation material material brittle damage occurred.